WattBet User Guide

Getting started - familiarise yourself with all of the tools and features on WattBet's platform.

The Basics


The percentages represent the % of times an outcome has occurred in the game history of the two teams in a match.


The default option is to only include data from the current season, although there is an option to include last season’s data as well. This can be set as your default within your account preferences. We plan to add the option to include more seasons in the near future!

All and Home/Away

‘All’ and ‘Home/Away’ are used in the context of looking at the previous games played by the two teams in a match.

‘Home/Away’ – for the home team in an upcoming match, only the home games played by this team would be included, alongside the away games played by the away team.


Bright green indicates that the market has come in more frequently than average, when comparing the results from the two teams involved in the match, against the statistics from the whole competition for last season.

Bright red indicates the market is at the other end of the scale.

Light Green / Yellow / Orange are the colours in between.


We understand that the In-Play market holds a lot of value, and so we hold the statistics on games until the match has finished. If you would prefer not to see games that have already started, this can be turned off within your account preferences.